Bedouin Stallions Meet in the Desert

Bedouin Arabians Encounter sketched by Stacey Mayer

Benjamin and I were drawing on large sheets of newsprint paper in my art studio. Two Arabian horses at a time, I quickly drew them with a pencil and resisted coloring them with Ben's brightly colored crayons. 

It was so pleasant to create large drawings again, after making so many sketches in the confines of my cell phone screen. I was able to take advantage of the large table my husband had just moved into my workspace, as well as almost endless amounts of newsprint paper to practice on. 

Ben was sitting across from me to my left, and my husband Phil was sitting directly across the table. I looked at the horses running up the rocky dunes to meet in a flurry of action, and thought, "well, that drawing turned out nice, I wonder what I could do with this?" The answer came while I slept.

I woke up with the sun already beginning to fall through our window. I had a flash of inspiration from my dreams of the night before. I knew how I could best present the drawings, but I would need to be careful and not overwork the sketch. It would need to keep it loose and fresh, to show the excitement of the moment as the stallions approached each other.

If I could just leave the drawing largely alone, I could arrange the Arabian stallions on a silk scarf, while letting the freehand sketch tell the story of the stallion's encounter. I brought the photos into my editing program and began my task.

My family thought it was worth a try, and Ben watched as I carefully resisted the thought of spending too much time on the drawings, thus destroying the lines of action and life I had quickly captured.

Here is the result; the two Bedouin stallions leap with energy as they rush to confront each other. You can almost hear their shrieks of outrage as they catch sight of each other, and the yells of their grooms rushing to catch up with their suddenly free charges.

Now the Arabian stallion's story may play out on a silken scarf, forever captured as a story you may wear.

May it bring you dreams of wonderful horses racing over the desert.

Two Arab Stallions Scarf by Stacey Mayer

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