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Fused Glass Art

Fused art glass presents a new realm of colorful and interesting creative possibilities. Follow along with me as I learn a completely new art form.

Fused Glass Prancing Arabian

"Prancing Fused Glass Chestnut Arabian"

My first fused glass project was a horse, of course. My first day was spent exploring what I could create with glass frit and flat colored glass called "confetti". I was interested in what could be achieved through the fusing process. I added bits of confetti glass with tweezers until I had a fair approximation of how I hoped the horse would turn out.
  Fused Glass Prancing Arabian by Stacey Mayer
The COE 96 glass fusing process can change individual glass colors as they are heated in the kiln, so we wondered how chestnut the horse would appear. I choose some brilliant orange and brown colors, and we were pleased with the nice chestnut colors that came out of the kiln. 

"Fused Glass Blue Horse"

Fused Glass Blue Horse

Fused Glass Blue Horse Suncatcher

Fused Glass Blue Horse by Stacey MayerFused glass suncatchers are a popular gift item any time of the year. This blue horse suncatcher was created upon request. Confetti glass comes in many colors, and it was fun to create a horse of a different color. Tweezers come in handy when handling these small pieces of confetti. I stacked them to intensify the colors. The light blue colors with brown for shadows is something I'll remember to use again.
This suncatcher is just the right size to shine in a window.

Fused Glass Christmas Forest

"Fused Glass Christmas Forest"

Especially for the Christmas season, I wanted to create a beautiful, large scene. Creating this "wave" was my next step. As you place the glass elements of the scene on the flat art glass, you try and imagine what it will look like later with the curve added by the waveform.
Fused Glass Christmas Forest

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