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Original Patterns by Stacey Mayer

Completing art projects with family and loved ones is a joy. I'd like to share some of the children's and beginner's projects I make with Benjamin, our six-year-old grandson. If you're familiar with my online coloring book,, then you're acquainted with Benjamin.

Art projects allow children to explore the realm of imagination in a tangible way. Let's imagine it, and create it together.

Project: Blue Mosaic Bird

Ben's Easy Blue Mosaic Bird

Bens blue bird4Most of the work is done before you begin to glue any mosaic tiles to the board. First, print out the bluebird pattern, below and then cut around the outline of the bird shape.

Trace the bird shape onto your chosen type of mosaic backing. We cut ours from thin plywood, (thank you, Grandpa!), but you may choose concrete backer board because it cuts easily, and comes in 1/4″ and 1/2″ thick sheets. You'll discover the prices of concrete backer boards are inexpensive and easily found at local building supply stores. If you're making a gift you plan to ship later, you'll notice the 1/4" inch concrete backer board is nice and lightweight for shipping.

Watch more of the steps used to create the Blue Bird Mosaic by watching my video on YouTube. The next video shows Benjamin and I first playing with the same type of mosaic tiles to create a rooster. Practicing without a defined shape or using any glue helped to finish the bluebird mosaic much easier. By that time, Ben already suggested, "let's do the edges, first." I was simply seeing if we had enough tiles for the project!

The free downloadable bird pattern is on the next page.
Benjamin with his mosaic bird, deigned by Stacey Mayer

Read more: Project: Blue Mosaic Bird

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