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Friendly Raven Mosaic Art

Friendly Mosaic Raven in progress before groutMosaics were frequently created in our home when I was growing up. My mother created mosaic art for tabletops and several mosaic glass panels and larger ceramic tile mosaic panel designs.

Here are a few of the mosaics I created in the last year. I understand why people from all over the world love to create their own mosaics for the home and garden. It's fun!

The "Friendly Mosaic Raven" was finished from a shape made previously that was sitting unused. I asked if I could give the little bird some love, and this is the result. He seems to sport a friendly expression, now that he wears such a brilliant coat of iridescent mosaic feathers.

Friendly Mosaic Raven in progress with grout finished.
Now the Raven has been "grouted" and you can see the grout between the small glass pieces. Next t's polished after it's completely set and dried.
Friendly Mosaic Raven in progress with grout.
The Friendly Mosaic Raven's small pieces of colorful stained glass show again after final cleaning and polishing. Carefully removing the grout hiding any of the glass mosaic edges allows all of it to catch the light.

As I worked on each individual stained glass mosaic piece, more of the natural brilliance of "The Friendly Raven" was able to sparkle.

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