Race Horse for Julie June

Thoroughbred Racing Dream, by Stacey Mayer

You can make all kinds of friends on Facebook, but few of them will make such an impact on your daily outlook on life, as Julie June has made on mine.

She writes about her adventures experienced while caring for her aging father, and in the process, she takes us along with her. We are touched by her kindness, frustrations, and understanding of his stage of life. Her stories touch us.

Miss Julie June also writes wonderful essays about the personalities and horses in the American Thoroughbred scene. We feel everyone's hopes and dreams fly down the track as she describes their world, bringing us into each moment.

Her essays are eagerly anticipated by racehorse breeders, fans, and trainers, all across America. We know when Julie June tells the story, our hearts will move down the track with each bright color and follow every flying tail.

Here's my dedication to my favorite woman in the horse racing world. Julie June is a loving daughter, a wonderful writer, and a treasured Facebook friend. May my horse carry your praises to an ever-expanding audience.

Description - "Thoroughbred racing horse inspired by my friend Julie June, who witnesses and reports on the most exciting Thoroughbred horse races in America. Since taking The Blood-Horse as a young junior high student, I have admired and followed the Sport of Kings. Thoroughbreds are the most elite equine athlete in the world and favorite artist's subject for generations."

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