"Stacey's art dances with the music of a thousand songs." - Fine Art America

Welcome to Stacey Mayer's Artistic World

Explore the enchanting world of Stacey Mayer, an artist renowned for her unique curvilinear style. Her art, characterized by flowing, organic lines and curves, breathes life into subjects like animals, nature, and human figures. Each piece is a dance of fluidity and movement, showcasing her extraordinary talent.

The Unique Curvilinear Style

Stacey Mayer's art features flowing, organic lines and curves, often depicting animals, nature, and human figures with a sense of fluidity and movement. This style reflects her deep connection with the natural world and the concept of interconnectedness, creating a harmonious balance in each piece.

Whimsy and Playfulness

Stacey Mayer's work is imbued with whimsy and playfulness. Her use of organic shapes and flowing lines adds a touch of fantasy, making her art visually captivating and engaging.

Impact on the Contemporary Art Scene

Stacey Mayer's contributions to contemporary art are profound and transformative. Her innovative use of bold hues, abstract shapes, and repurposed materials redefines the concept of 'canvas' and adds depth to her pieces. Mayer's work challenges traditional notions, inviting viewers to explore and expand their understanding of art.

"Art is not static, it is not passive. It should challenge, provoke, inspire." - Stacey Mayer

The Mayer Effect

Stacey Mayer's influence is evident in the growing acceptance of unconventional materials in art. Her work pushes boundaries, reshaping the contemporary art landscape and inspiring deep emotional responses.

Inspiration Behind the Creations

Stacey Mayer draws inspiration from her personal experiences, surroundings, and cultural influences. Nature, particularly the animal kingdom, profoundly influences her work, allowing her to capture the spirit and character of animals with intricate detail.

Influences and Series

  • The Arabian Horse Series: Showcases the power and dignity of Arabian horses with intricate detailing.
  • The Seattle Women Collection: Depicts the elegance and grace of women in motion with fluid strokes and vibrant colors.

Mayer's art also delves into abstract realms, influenced by philosophical ideas, societal issues, and human emotions, creating a deep connection with her audience.

The Significance of Color

Color is central to Stacey Mayer's art, serving as a language to convey mood, emotion, and narrative. Her mastery of color theory transforms her work into a sensory experience, creating a profound connection with viewers.

Emotional Resonance

  • Red: Symbolizes love, anger, and excitement.
  • Blue: Signifies peace, calm, and tranquility.
  • Yellow: Often portrays happiness, energy, and warmth.

Storytelling Through Color

Stacey Mayer's choice of colors sets the stage for her narratives, adding context and depth. Whether using melancholic blues to depict solitude or vibrant reds and oranges to illustrate passion, Mayer's color choices bring her stories to life.


Stacey Mayer's curvilinear style is a unique approach to art, characterized by flowing lines, organic shapes, and a sense of harmony. Her work invites viewers to explore the beauty and interconnectedness of the natural world through whimsical and dynamic creations, establishing her as a trailblazer in contemporary art.

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